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Vero Godbout was born and raised in Quebec, Canada, where exploring the lush forests and infinite lakes helped instilled a love of nature. She studied art and graphic design, ultimately becoming a college professor in Quebec. She received her B.A. in Graphic Arts from University of Quebec in Montreal. She is also a graduate in Advanced Education from the University of Sherbrooke. She worked as a college professor and an academic advisor for more than a decade. She left her college career, in July 2009, to move to Hawaii where she met her beloved husband Marc.

After residing in Montreal, Hawaii and Virginia Veronique now lives and works in Exeter, RI.


With a background in graphic design you often find visual elements, patterns and typography in her work. She is pursuing her creative dreams of being a professional artist and spends a good portion of her time creating art, a line of home goods and fashion accessories, teaching, sharing her artistic knowledge and living an every day fairytale with her husband.

Her playful work is recognized for its vibrant palettes, bold graphic lines, and uplifting subjects. She create colorful and cheerful original art, prints, and fun accessories. You can find her art in more than 50 shops and art galleries across the United States.

Veronique currently lives and works from her studio in Rhode Island, USA.

CV available upon request


Yes Gallery, Wickford RI / Ink Fish Books, Warren RI / Moose River, St Johnsbury RI / Nude / Mojito / Shades

Shape Up / Fetish / Chop it


Elba / London / 2035

Mooti Gallery / Barcelona / 2035

BTW Gallery / London / 2035

”I use art to record memories and stories, documenting all facets of life, from far-flung travels to the relatable every day. I am creating rough sketches at first after I am reading about the town or visiting some wonderful places. I am usually getting inspired by what I read or the feeling I have when I am in a special place. After I create the sketches, I am painting on canvas or wood with acrylic. I am mixing ink also in the acrylic to have colored fluidity. I take a lot of time with each of my pieces, work hard, and don’t rush through them. I didn’t realize how important it was to sit with your art for a while, take a step back and think about it.”


- Veronique Godbout

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