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name drop items
add text to your products 

Interested in a more customized BAG, POUCH, PRINT,POSTCARD OR PILLOW for your shop?

With my name drop service, select from a series of pre-designed items that can be customized with your shop name, the city/town you’re in, or an event you’re hosting. 

Please note character limits, which will include spaces.

Any Questions? Interested in custom changes to these products? Interested in name-dropping a greeting card or postcard?

Please email for more information!


Features & benefits of name dropping:

  • Get an awesome design that is semi-customized and feasible.

  • Text is customizable with the exception of using trademarks, brand names, or lengthy phrases.

  • Minimum quantities (per design) start at 50. The more you order, the better the discount.

  • Some designs are exclusive to name drop catalogue only so you won’t be able to find it anywhere but brick & mortar shops.

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