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One of my greatest joys in life is teaching.

I have led workshops for over twenty years, working with artists, galleries, brands, retailers, companies and community organizations across the United States, Canada, and France.

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For questions regarding any of the workshops below, please refer to the additional information listed below each workshop. Contact the workshop coordinator or organization for specific details regarding availability, fees, pricing, travel, transportation, lodging, meals etc.


Get your creative juices flowing and explore my upcoming course offerings below.

All Veronique Godbout Painting Workshops can be scheduled as 3, 4 and 5 days.

intro acrylic painting.

Everything you need to know to tame acrylic and explore this fantastic medium! You will discover the preparation of surfaces, the impasto, the fluid technique, the gesso and the mediums. This introductory course offers practical instruction for beginners. The techniques and basic tools of acrylic will be covered including selection of paint and brushes, as well as the preparation of paper and canvas. A variety of topics included, with an emphasis on composition and effective use of color.

No experience required.

3 days or 6 sessions.


acrylic revolution.

A dynamic and contemporary approach to acrylic painting, where various materials and techniques such as pourings, transfers of images, collages and reproduction will enrich your style in painting. This is a discovery of the versatility of acrylic techniques, with an emphasis on your imagination and the process of exploration. The workshop includes demonstrations and individual reviews.


Prerequisite: a painting course.

3 days or 6 sessions.

intensive acrylic.

You dream of painting but you lack the time to study the acrylic medium in depth? This intensive course is for you! You will be guided through the main stages of creating an artwork, including mixing colors, handling the brushes and creating your own compositions. You will come out with finished canvases and a better understanding of the process of pictorial creation. Start your artistic practice now!


No experience required.

This Veronique Godbout Painting Workshop can be scheduled as 1, 2 or 3 days.

abstract intro.

Always wanted to do abstract painting, but don't know where to begin? Experience the hands-on demos, techniques and basic formulas, compositions and color techniques to create more meaningful abstracts. Be prepared to paint looser, bolder, freer, lighter and more intuitively. This is an acrylic workshop - with a bit of mixed media/collage added for visual impact. This workshop is a serious approach for those who have a great sense of humor and a positive attitude.

No experience required.

3 days or 6 sessions.

5 paintings in 5 Days.

Workshop for all levels of artistic experience. Intermediate artists discover your favorite painting style, experienced painters loosen up rekindle your inspiration, beginners learn the basics. Explore abstract mixed media, expressionist and realistic painting in acrylics. Incorporate all there is to know about composition, color and brush/ pallet knife strokes. 

5 Days of instruction, Lectures, Demos and Painting. Students in this workshop are expected to follow all daily teaching assignments. 10 Students maximum. If you wish to work on your own projects, I suggest you register for the one-on-one or the Studio Mentor Workshop instead.

5 days.

one on one workshop.

If you wish to study in a small group or one on one, Veronique is available for private classes and mentoring. As an aspiring artist, you should always look for new ways to enhance your skills, exploring the different avenues the world of painting offers. This one-on-one session aim to help you do just that. Classes are available from 1 to 3 days workshops.

This is your personal and private studio time

with your own project - and own your schedule. Veronique will be focused 100% on your work.


All levels.

1,2 or 3 days, one-on-one workshop.


studio art mentor.

This workshop is designed especially for high school students who wish to pursue an artistic career, or to pursue higher studies in art, applied arts, graphic design. The work of the artists of today and the personal preoccupations of the participants serve as support for the experimentation of various techniques.


3 days program for student-artists pursuing advanced personal work.


Must be a self-starter and arrive with your own goals. 

3, 4 or 5 days. 


Veronique Workshops are for adults, 16 years of age and older. No exceptions. No matter how advanced the child is, the rest of the class will feel that Veronique will have to teach in such a way that a child will be able to understand... and they will feel cheated out of an adult workshop experience.

painting workshop
adult art class
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